In our online shop we offer you a wide range of GSA measuring systems for mobile or stationary use to measure harmful substances in housing, outside or in explosive areas. 
We have the suitable GSA measuring devices for measurements of hazardous substances in different application areas and conditions for: 
-    Particle measurments for different kinds of dust pollution as the measurment of A-dust or E-dust 
-    Fibre measurements in accordance with VDI 3492 for asbestos measurements or KMF and glas fibres 
-    Gas measurement 
-    PAH measurement, the determination of PCB, mould and other possible harmful substances.  

With the GSA sampling devices you can measure precise harmful hazardous materials as for occupational safety oder in living areas and buildings.

Since 2015 we sell our high-quality GSA measuring devices to take measurements of harzardous substances. We also offer you various supplies for our devices. For maintainance and repair of our GSA measuring devices we support you with comprehensive service.

We can give you advice to select the suitable GSA sampling device for your individual measurement insert. Please use our contact fom.

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